Thursday, November 21, 2013

Developing tile. Wait... what?

My work has always been about finding new ways to combine my talents into creating new, unique pieces. This often involves hours of research and lots of trial and error to develop these new techniques. I love learning new things and that's really what drives me to continue creating. Earlier this year I was "convinced" that I should buy a cheap film camera. Well as most things I get into, that led to more purchases and in the end, outfitting my studio with darkroom equipment and a whole new set of dangerous chemicals. This new body of work, the photo tiles came from that experimentation. I have spent many months perfecting my methods and am really excited to be showing that work this Saturday as part of the RATIO photography show at EL RINCON SOCIAL. Black and white photography really is a bit of a magical thing. Creating art using nothing more than light and chemicals. Incorporating stencil/ aerosol art with traditional black and white photography adds all kinds of problems that needed to be overcome but I feel that the results are worth the effort. If you are in Houston this Saturday you should definitely stop by to check out the show. Until then, here is a quick video that I shot last night of "the magic" happening. Enjoy.

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