Friday, August 12, 2011

Anywhere But Here: ATL

IMG_7421e, originally uploaded by dangerismycat.
I sent off several Anywhere But Here pieces to Atlanta last year for Living Walls 2010. I was really disappointed because after sending off my hard work I never heard back from them. No photos, nothing...

Living walls 2011 is happening now, so I decided to hit the Googles and see if I could find pics of my work from 2010. I came across this and another shot of the other piece. While i'm really glad they made them up somewhere, the pieces weren't installed to my specifications. They were meant to be an installation, the woman, the schedule and the suitcase as a whole make the piece. As you can see here, its just the woman, not sure what happened to the schedules. Neither was used.

Anyways, I think that this shot still looks great despite not being installed properly. I guess if you want something done right, its best to do it yourself. I wish I could have made it to ATL to do it myself... maybe next year!


  1. I agree that the whole installation done like you specified would have been more dramatic; but, you definitely get the idea that she would rather be anywhere but here. The building is not that inviting.

  2. hey, i'm the photographer. great work, btw! i didn't get to shoot that right when it went up, so the schedule and the suitcase may have been there orginally and then removed, i'm not sure. you'd have to talk to Monica about that. but i was psyched to see your piece!

  3. Thanks for letting me know Anonymous! I was just happy to see that it actually made it out on the street, I had spent quite a bit of time painting her and for the longest time I thought she had been lost. :-/